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Rhapsody Golf was developed by REALTA who has been experience since 1983 in development and implementation of business solutions for various industries and lines of business.


Being at the early development of Indonesia’s IT sector, REALTA truly understand the core business process of IT industry in Indonesia and we were set to make difference and stand at our positioning as the leader of IT industry player. REALTA was established in 1983, and was founded on the simple principles of delivering the practical solution to clients that compounding the comprehensiveness of business solution with its supporting network and communication infrastructure, hardware and mobile devices, as well as support and services into what we name it: "ONE SOLUTION".


Today, REALTA has grown into a team of more than 300 dedicated hardworking professionals. In more than 40 years of dedication in the IT business, we are proud and grateful to have been able to assist our loyal customers in achieving their business goals.


Aside from research into cutting-edge technology, our unique Implementation Methodology is what sets us different from other companies. We ensure successful IT implementation that brings out the optimal value of IT solution.



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