The "Passport" is a unique smart card that enables the club to implement "Express Check-In" and "One-stop Payment System". The moment the player arrives and checks in, the card is issued to players and then activated. The Passport allows players to enjoy hassle-free transactions by charging all transactions at the outlets (on and off the course) to the card. Players can pay for all transactions at the end of the day at the restaurant. Rhapsody® hospitality solution is specifically designed to support hotels, golf courses, resorts, boutique hotels and hotel with golf course.


RealSMS (Golf Messaging)

RealSMS gives the members a quick and efficient booking experience. Players can book via SMS and the staff can confirm the reservation to avoid no-show. This facility reduces call-ins to the pro-shop, giving the staff added time to better service the players. The Club Management can utilize this SMS technology to inform members about promotion or events, send birthday or holiday greetings, and even update handicap information. With RealSMS, top executives can receive or check management information anytime when they are on the road.


Mobile Taking Order

Players can order food instantly at the course by using their mobile taking order, without having to wait until they finish playing. When caddy inputs scoring to mobile taking order, the player’s handicap record will be updated instantly and sent to players via SMS.


Biometric Recognition

This new technology has been proven to enhance user control significantly and to avoid password misuse, especially for cashier – instead of using the conventional User ID and Password to login, cashier has to login using Finger Scan.


RealEIS (Executive Information System)

By utilizing RealEIS, management can view standard reporting anywhere, anytime. These reports give real-time information on golf course performance, so the management can evaluate the company’s position and progress to take better faster decision.


Integrated with Banquet

The club is usually a popular venue for holding events with hundreds of guest, such as wedding parties, seminar, companies outing, etc. The Banquet module helps golf club to plan and control food and beverage for big events easily.



  • Run your entire golf operations more effectively and profitably 

    Rhapsody Golf provides a fully integrated system that can help you manage the whole business process, starting from Membership, Reservation, POS, Proshop, Banqueting, F&B (Food & Beverage) to Logistic and Back Office (Financial) system. Golf Club Management can track budget and actual financial data to better help track revenues and expenses, maximize profits, while managing the entire operation.


  • Improve customer service significantly

    Rhapsody Golf helps the staff deliver the primary importance of a service: Speed, ease of use and accuracy. This is particularly true in terms of customer service, especially in the Proshop, Restaurants and Kiosks. By automating your business processes, the staff can focus more on delivering customer service with quality. Ultimately, the golfers will leave the course with a more enjoyable overall golfing experience. Group bookings are entered as easily and quickly as individual bookings. The reservation staff can efficiently book members, guests and even tournaments with the required caddy, cart and club rentals.


  • Manage and retain your customer

    Rhapsody Golf provides a comprehensive customer database so you can tap into important information about the club members. With these information, Sales & Marketing team can create strategic marketing plans to develop a better customer relationship and increase event participation. Sales & Marketing team can proactively follow up customers for membership renewals, discount, or promotions. The Membership module can easily handle Membership applications, monthly payment, member activities record which is integrated real-time with the Account Receivable module at the Back Office.


  • Real-time access to up-to-date Finance & Accounting information

    Rhapsody Golf gives instant access to up-to-date and accurate finance and accounting information. All transactions from the Front Office are automatically posted to the Back Office modules, which covers Account Receivable, Account Payable, Cash & Bank, Fixed Asset and General Ledger. The application also gives a powerful financial reporting capability, unique to the hospitality industry, known as the RealEIS (Executive Information System).


  • Improve Purchasing and Inventory Control

    Ground maintenance and green keepings require a lot of care and handling that involves extensive materials and equipments. By monitoring and tracking the purchasing, inventory and usage of these materials, Rhapsody Golf can help golf course reduce cost significantly and eliminate maverick spending. For your convenience, Rhapsody Golf integrates the F&B module with the Purchasing module. The F&B department can create menu according to the budget with the help of Recipe Builder and Menu Engineering. The Purchase History and Buyers Guide module help the Purchasing department to look for the right suppliers and prepare an efficient budgeting and sourcing.


  • Full integration with other facilities in the property (hotels, resorts, etc)

    More often than not, vacations are engaged upon in groups (family, friends) with the need to satisfy diverse interests. The trend in the hospitality industry is currently shifting towards the combination of facilities in one property, such as combination of golf course with hotel/resort, with spa and fitness - or all in one property. Rhapsody Golf is the extended version of Rhapsody® - a fully integrated hotel application running in more than 280 hotels in Indonesia.










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